Admission Standards

From the Constitution of the Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog:

Section 1: Admission Protocols

A person requesting admission to the Order, and to be invested as a Knight or Dame, should be aware that he/she will become a part of a dynastic chivalric institution representing the Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim and are recognized as a noble member of the Royal House under the traditional customs of the Sefwi Obeng-Mim council.


Section 2: Qualifications

Acceptance into the Order is based on the assessment of the human values and quality of character of the applicant, without distinction or discrimination based on religious, social class, race, political tendencies, physical disability, or sexual orientation.


I. The following are among the desired qualifications for membership in the Order:

  • To be at least 25 years of age.
  • To be a stable person holding a dignified and steady employment.
  • To be morally and socially well considered.
  • To be practitioners of any learned profession or members of the Armed Forces.
  • To be retired persons or veterans of military service.
  • To be persons considered socially and professionally as capable, just, honest, compassionate, and courageous.
  • To be persons willing and having the economic capacity to pledge; meeting successfully at least the minimum amount of contribution.


II. The following are impediments for attaining membership

  • To be employed or follow professions or the lifestyles that could be viewed as dishonorable by generally accepted standards.
  • These are automatic disqualification criteria for candidates with intention to use, mislead, or misrepresent: Falsified or faux royal, aristocrats, or nobility titles; Falsified or faux awards, honors, orders, etc.; Falsified or faux academic titles and academic degrees.


Section 3: The Process of Nomination, Honorarium Passage Fees, and Annual Membership Dues

A Petition for Membership may be submitted by any Member of the Royal Order for any individual who meets the nomination criteria. The Nominator must be a member in good standing of the Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog of the Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim.


The Petitioner completes a Petition in accordance with the Grand Council’s Rules and Regulations. If the Petition is approved by the Grand Council, and Petition is recommended to the Grand Master by the Grand Council, and the Honorarium Passage Fee shall be discussed with the petitioner as well as incoming rank.


Honorarium Passage Fees are subject to annual revision based upon the recommendation of the Grand Council in accordance with the Constitution of the Royal Order. This fee is used to support the projects of the Order which benefit Sefwi Obeng-Mim. In extraordinary cases of need, payment of fees may be waived at the discretion of the Grand Council.


Advancement within The Royal Order is based upon merit and the individual’s activities within the Order, not through monetary donation; contingent only upon the recommendation of a regional Grand Officer of a Grand Priory, the Adontehene, the Grand Council, and the Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim.


Annual membership dues are under the jurisdiction of each Grand Priory. [This is to benefit and advance the Association and its charitable works only.]


Grand Collar Knights and Dames of this Royal Order shall make a traditional thanksgiving offering annually (aseda) on the anniversary of the enstoolment of Chief Oheneba Nana Kwame Obeng II. The minimum suggested donation will be set by the Privy Council and communicated to all members by the Adontehene. [This is customary of the Akan nobles in the Sefwi area. State of life and means will be taken into consideration. Speak with the Adontehene if necessary.]


Section 4: The Ranks of the Royal Order

In order of ascension:

Knight/Dame, Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog (KG/DG);

Knight/Dame, Commander of the Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog (KCG/DCG);

Knight/Dame, Grand Officer of the Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog (KGOG/DGOG); and

Knight/Dame, Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog (KGCG/DGCG).

Knight/Dame, Grand Collar of the Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog (GCG)


Section 5: Style, Title, and Address of the Knight or Dame

This Order confers nobility upon the member, traditionally called "kofo onuonyamfo (translation from Twi, "Most Excellent Warrior" or "Noble Knight").


The title and honor of “Knight” and “Dame” are granted to all members of the Order regardless of rank.


The title and honor shall be issued by Letters Patent. Rank shall be assigned by a Brevet. These are issued by the Grand Master through the Chancellery.


The title and honor are not inheritable.


All members of the ROGFD are entitled to the style of “His/Her Excellency” with the appropriate postnominals. Therefore, the full name, title, and style of a holder of the Grand Cross is “His/Her Excellency, [other honorifics or styles, like Rev’d] Knight/Dame First Name Middle Name Second Middle Name [if any] Surname, KGCG”.


If the Letters Patent or Brevet for a particular recipient contains a different style, title, and address than the above, the Letters Patent or Brevet will triumph only for that particular recipient.


There is no courtesy title for the lawful spouse or children of a member of the Order. However, the lawful spouse of a member of the Order is noble for as long as the spouse is married to the member or is the widow/widower of the same. Yet, the children of the member are not noble.


At request, titles may be granted as “honorary” and issued as such in Letters Patent.


Section 6: Degradation

His Majesty, the Grand Master, by his own right and prerogative, as well as on recommendation by the Royal House, Grand Council, Grand Priories, and specifically the Sefwi Obeng-Mim Traditional Council, may remove a knighthood, damehood, or any other honors bestowed.