Official Statement from Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim

13 May 2019

On friendship agreements:

The Royal House of Sefwi Obeng Mim does have in place recognition & friendship agreements with other Royal Houses. The Royal House will not cancel these due to issues between some Royal Houses not 'recognizing' Royal Houses with whom we are friends. However, as per "Traditional Akan Royal Custom (Protocol)", the recognition and friendship agreements DO NOT reflect an official treatise amongst Royal Houses or Kingdoms; being only inaugurated through Official (Face-to-Face) Royal visit.

We have realized numerous ways of internet exploitation, and the bombardment of questionable international relations being forged. Although we are a "Constitutionally Recognized Traditional Kingdom", we are still guided by the customary of the Sefwi Wiawso Traditional Council and the Republic of Ghana overall.

As for the Royal of the Order of the Golden Fire Dog:

The Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog is an ancillary benevolent organization, being a distinct honor, which is bestowed upon deserving persons globally at the discretion of the Supreme Grand Council and the pleasure of its Supreme Grand Master, et al. Such as this, no "Rank" of honor can be purchased. Any honor which can be so purchased, means nothing. Many interested parties appear before us, seeking means to nobility and for this we must deny entrance. We will never sell our Order, but will reward deserving individuals at the pleasure of His Highness.

The Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog is such for benevolence to the peoples of the Sefwi Obeng Mim Traditional Kingdom first, and secondly, to those of deserving need worldwide.

The current process of selection is by nomination, being that admission is based on merit; with vetting of past demonstrable charitable work, occupational achievement, and educational background. University degrees from the United States and abroad, must be from a duly authorized accrediting organization. A passage fee is sometimes required of a successful applicant, consistent with passage fees in many Orders, including some Orders by currently reigning sovereigns. Applicants with financial capacity but without demonstrable merit that meet admission criteria have been and will continue to be denied admission.

We truly respect others to whom respect is deserved, however, please do not make this the choice to seek nomination based on personal desires or gain of recognition. True benevolence and selflessness is the basis for all actions upon that we embark. We respect you, and in return we ask your respect for our choices.

God bless Africa,
God bless our homeland Ghana,
God Bless Royal house of Sefwi Obeng Mim and Her people,
God Bless those who are our friends.
God Bless Us ALL!