Royal Council to the Royal House


(Queen Mother of Development)
H.H. Nana Akua Kra II, Btss.GCO, GCG


(Advisor to the King and Queen Mother)
The Most Excellent Katakyie Robert Kakalia, Bt.GCO, GCG

The King's personal assistant

H.E. Clearance Prapah


The Krontihene is caretaker of the land and second-in-command after the king


There are four positions describing military flanks. The Adontehene is the one who goes in front of the army.


A chief has one or more linguists (Okyeame). A chief never talks in public, but conveys messages through his linguist, who is also responsible for the pouring of libations.


The Nifahene holds the right flank of the army's formation.


The Nkyidomhene collects the soldiers who are left behind and sends them back to the army. During Odambea, the Nkyidom always sits in the last palanquin.


The Nkosuohene is responsible for the development of the region.


The Nsumankwahene watches the oracle. This title is also a relatively recent creation. The Nsumankwahene is a spiritual head of the community/communities. In the past it was the chief priest who performed this role.


The title of the Guantuahene is a comparatively recent innovation. The Guantoahene is the one to whom people can turn for shelter and mercy.


The Benkumhene holds the left flank of the army's formation

Chancellor General & Chief of Arms for Royal House and Sefwi Wiawso Traditional Council

The Most Excellent Rev'd Dr. Christian D. Boyd, Bt.GCO, GCG

Educational & Cultural Affairs

H.E. Solomon Gyimah

Adviser for Environment

Special Envoy Philip Edward Leo Africa Bonn ADC BA (Hons.) MA (Cambridge) FRSA

Special Envoy - International Emergency Management Organization (UN IGO); 
Commissioner - International Tree Protection Commission