17 November 2019

This year's Eluo (Yam Festival) began on Friday 15 November, 2019 with Awareness Creation followed by a Clean-up exercise throughout OBENG-MIM Community. The day also embraced the Arrival of invited guests, families including locals and Natives living outside the community.

Saturday was truly Traditional. All forms of cultural display, dancing, dressing, druming and other tradional performances were showcased. Spiritually, the gods and the ancesters were fully remembered through the African libation. Great personalities who have shown faithfulness to high moral standards and rendered sacrificial services to the community were honored with Tradional titles.

Sunday climaxed the week long festival. Kings, Chiefs, Queens and invited personalities took their turns to deliver speeches and words of wisdom and hope. Donations, presentations and gifts heightened the excitement and emotional feelings of the awardees. The colourful display by the Royal School Pupils with their teachers ignited the sense of togetherness as the community danced to the tunes and sounds of the traditional KETE drums.

In the end we say thank you to our distinguished and cherished global Representatives, supporters, donors and a very BIG THANK you to the newly installed NKOSUOHENEMAA OF SEFWI OBENG-MIM, Nana Akua Kra II (Ms. Tesha Alex Ann Francis of Hawaii, USA) for her commitment in serving humanity and for gracing this year's festival.


Agyiri Clearance


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2019 Annual Yam Festival

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