Royal Order of Obeng II

The breast star for the Royal Order of Obeng II was designed and fabricated by Unique Jewelry and Regalia (Carl Lemke) for the Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim in Ghana. The star bears the likeness of the King and the surface of the star is covered in a pattern of traditional Adinkra symbols. The likeness of the King is pretty good considering the face is only about 1/2 inch (12 mm) tall. We may remake the center in order to try and get a little more detail. The star is 80 mm tall. Gilt and enameled bronze.

The ROYAL ORDER OF OBENG II is designed as a dynastic order of merit reflecting the traditional African royal orders that differentiates them clearly from European models. The membership of this order is restricted to the Chief or King of Obeng-Mim Stool Land and the very few other persons who have honored the king and the kingdom through their noble acts of love and charity that build up the kingdom and its legacy for future generations.

The king is the Grand Master of the Royal Order and grants the dignity of the Order to others found to be of merit by His Majesty and the Royal House. Other than the rank of Grand Master which only the king holds, there is only one rank of membership and all bear the same insignia and post-nominal initials of GCO (Grand Cross of the Order of Obeng II).

The insignia of the Royal Order shall be a medal designed to wear as full or miniature by HM and holders of the honor. The medal, in full or miniature size, shall be worn by members where the wearer is representing the Kingdom and King, or meetings at which similar decorations are worn. The full-sized medal is to be worn on the left pocket with business attire. Ladies may wear the medal fastened to the left side of their attire at a convenient location. Members attired in military uniform should wear the medal in accordance with the requirements of the service or branch in which they are serving. Full-sized medals are not worn with civilian evening dress. The miniature of the medal should be worn on the left lapel, in accordance with standard rules of dress, either alone, or with other miniatures, mounted on a bar or another holder. Ordinarily, miniatures are worn only with formal and semi-formal attire (i.e. white tie and black tie).


Blessed are you, Lord, God of mercy, who through your Son gave us a marvelous example of charity and the great commandment of love for one another. Send down your blessings on the King of Obeng-Mim Stool Land and your servants honored to be admitted to this most holy and royal order of merit as they so generously devote themselves to helping others. When they are called on in times of need, let them faithfully serve you in their neighbor, especially the people of this traditional kingdom of Ghana. We ask this through Christ our Lord, and before all of the ancestors to whom we seek to honor. Amen.

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