Official statement from Royal House of Sefwi Obeng-Mim:

13 May 2019

On friendship agreements:

We have recognition & friendship agreements in place with other Royal Houses. We will not cancel these due to issues between some Royal Houses not 'recognizing' Royal Houses with whom we are friends. Our friendship cannot be purchased or pressured into changing due to the opinions of others. Friendships that are purchased, or that can be destroyed by others, mean nothing.

On the "purchase" of the Order of the Golden Fire Dog:

Our Royal Order of the Golden Fire Dog is an honor that is earned, not purchased. An honor which is purchased, means nothing. We will never sell our Order, but will reward deserving individuals at the pleasure of His Highness.

We respect others to whom respect is deserved. Please don't make this Royal House make choices based on your personal desires. We respect you, and in return we ask your respect for our choices.

God bless our homeland Ghana,
God Bless Royal house of Sefwi Obeng Mim,
God Bless those who are our friends.
God Bless Us ALL.

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